It's Time to Pack Health Kits


Each year, Maryland/Delaware Baptists provide health kits to be used in a variety of ministeries. Thank you for your generous donation in 2017 of 1023. They were used by the International Student Ministry in Ocean City, the Inder Harbor Ministry and Florida.

How to pack the Health Kits:

In a two gallon siplock bag (can be obtained from Martha Thomas in the foyer), please pack a large bath towel, large comb (no rat tail combs), wash cloth, shampoo (full size), toothbrush (adult), soap (full size bar), toothpaste (large), and deodorant. All of these items will fit in the bag. If you have trouble bring the items and bag to church and we will help you. Also, the list of items needed will be on the bag. Bags will be available starting May 6th, and must be returned by May 20th.

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